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Survey on Note Taking & Outcome Measures in Healthcare Practices

Survey on Note Taking & Outcome Measures in Healthcare Practices

Dear Practitioners and Students who take notes on treatments in healthcare,

This survey aims to gain an overview how practitioners take notes and which outcome measures they use in their healthcare practices in general and mirror therapy in particular, from a wide spectrum of professions. Specifically, our research addresses the questions whether and which software tools are (or could be) used, reasons for (not) using those tools, and experiences (or expectations) of using them. Results of this survey will lay a very significant foundation for future research activities on understanding as well as enhancing technologies for healthcare practices.

The survey consists of 4 sections: (I) Demographic Background; (II) General Experiences with Computing Technologies; (III) Notetaking Practice; (IV) Outcome Measures.

If you wish to proceed, please answer ALL the questions. It will take you about 15 minutes to complete the survey.

All data will be handled anonymously, secure and with strict confidentiality in accordance with the requirements of the university. Findings will be published on an aggregated level, and there is no identification of any individual.

Ethical approval has been granted through the University of Leicester (CSEAHL-1-lcl9-computerscience). We will highly appreciate your generous contribution, which is much needed. Should you have any questions, please contact a team member of this research project:

Effie Law (lcl9@le.ac.uk), Humancomputer Interaction researcher, Department of Computer Science, University of Leicester, University Road, Leicester, LE1 7RH; Tel: +44 116 252 5341

Annegret Hagenberg (ah413@le.ac.uk), Physiotherapist, Research Fellow at the Centre for Medical Humanities, University of Leicester, 7 Salisbury Road, Leicester, LE1 7RQ; Tel: +44 116 229 7605

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Effie & Annegret

There are 39 questions in this survey